Event at charging stations

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On the occasion of the activities being developed by the Madrid City Council to attract and raise awareness among citizens about the benefits of sustainable mobility, a visit of the Delegate of the Government Area of Environment and Mobility, Mr. Francisco de Borja Carabante, has been promoted to the facilities promoting electric mobility operated by  Gestión Inteligente de Cargas, SL (GIC). The event was held on October 18, 2022 visiting some of the charging stations on public roads and was attended by Mr. Jesus Manzano (CEO Etra Group), Mr. Fernando Flores (Director of Operations Etralux) and Mr. Jesus Sanchez (Delegate GIC) in the charger located at P º Castellana 257 B.

Gic launches a new fast charging point in the heart of Madrid

  • The City Council of the capital inaugurates this fast charging point for electric vehicles, bringing the total number of public access points to 45

  • It is located in Plaza de la Lealtad and is powered by 100% renewable energy

Madrid City Council’s Delegate for Mobility, Borja Carabante, this morning inaugurated the 50 kW fast charging point for electric vehicles located in the Plaza de la Lealtad and powered exclusively by renewable energy, one of the 12 that the city council had agreed with the company GIC, part of the ETRA Group, and which are being transformed to provide much faster and more efficient charging to reduce waiting times for users of electric mobility.

With this opening, Madrid now has a total of 45 public access fast charging points (31 on public land and 14 on private land). Between January and April this year, the Environment and Mobility Department, headed by Carabante, has increased these infrastructures by 36%.

Including the slow recharging points, Madrid residents now have 153 recharging points in the city, in addition to the 261 for the municipal fleet, which are not publicly accessible.

During the inauguration, Carabante highlighted Madrid City Council’s commitment to the environment and the transition towards sustainable mobility, while pointing out that “we have set ourselves the target of expanding the network to 150 fast recharging points by 2023”.

Thanks to the collaboration agreement between the Madrid City Council and GIC, Gestión Inteligente de Cargas S.L., and IBIL Gestor de Carga del Vehículo Eléctrico S.A., the City Council grants the authorisation and they are responsible for the electrical connection and management of the charging point, assuming the cost of the electrical energy, being obliged to ensure the optimal functioning of the points, which must be powered by 100% renewable sources. The price of fast charging is set at 45c€/kWh.

One of the objectives set out in the Madrid 360 Environmental Sustainability Strategy is to promote the public access fast charging network and to this end, in January this year collaboration agreements were signed with the main electricity distribution companies, UFD, i-DE and Red Eléctrica de España, to collaborate in the transition process towards a sustainable and decarbonised energy model.

Madrid City Council’s commitment to electromobility is evidenced by the latest measures it has adopted, such as the launch of the EMT’s Zero Line; the purchase of 15 new electric buses; the creation of the first car-sharing car park next to the IFEMA site; the expansion, this year, of 50 new BiciMad stations and the authorisation of the deployment of up to 4,800 electric bicycles for shared use managed by private operators, among other initiatives.

Gic offers free recharging to COVID19 heroes with electric vehicles


The electric vehicle charging point operator and installer GIC, part of the ETRA Group, has decided to offer free charging for the electric vehicles of users who are helping to overcome the effects of the coronavirus pandemic or COVID19.

Thus, taxi drivers, delivery drivers, health workers and, in general, professionals who are doing their bit in the solidarity mobility generated by this pandemic, will have free recharging in the fast charging equipment managed by the company.

“It is at times like this that people like you demonstrate your strength, courage and ability to overcome, and we would like to thank all those who are currently offering solidarity services with their sustainable vehicles for this positive energy”, company sources said in a statement.

To do so, users who can benefit from the initiative will only have to send an email to info@recargagic.com with their name and physical or virtual card number, as indicated in the app of the company Gestión Inteligente de Cargas, S.L., to be able to manage the free fare during this period of health emergency.

GIC currently has electric vehicle charging infrastructures in the cities of Madrid, Valencia, Murcia and Palma de Mallorca.

In these challenging times, technology and solidarity will be the key to overcoming the pandemic.