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Leader in Electric Vehicle Charging Points Installation

For Business, Home and Government

At home

Charge your electric car comfortably at home. Our professional installers will answer all your questions

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Improve your experience

Enjoy a unique driving sensation and catch the excitement of the electric cars. We make it easy to charge here, there, and everywhere

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At your company

Fleets are at the forefront of a new revolution in Mobility. Join this trend and contribute to a greener planet

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GiC is the best valued company nationwide for Electric Vehicle Charging Points Installation

Thousands of installations carried out in residential users, companies, and public charging points, with the best cost-effective relationship and highest rating of customer satisfaction.

GiC helps you to manage the grants published in MOVES plan

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Electric Vehicle Charging Points GiC

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Cost per consumption: each Kwh charged 0,47€, Cost for booking Charge Point 0,83€.

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