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About us

Who we are

Gestión Inteligente de Cargas S.L. (hereinafter GIC) was created as a subsidiary of the ACS Group and is constituted as the company specialising in sustainable mobility of the ETRA Group, a reference in the electromobility sector in Spain and Portugal thanks to the projects developed with the main stakeholders in the market. The ETRA Group, which now belongs to the French industrial group VINCI, which develops tailor-made multi-technical solutions and services for energy, transport and communication infrastructures, as well as for buildings, plants and information systems, will provide support throughout the peninsular territory with the aim of carrying out the work required by GIC in terms of sustainable electric mobility tasks.

Sustainability mobility is, more than ever, a reality on the national scene, although the electric vehicle is still perceived as a “novelty” that only the most daring is encouraged to approach. We want to make you it easy. Our mission is closing the gap between electric car and potential users and drivers while to confirm those who has chosen an electric vehicle, they made the right decision to contribute to safe the planet and the economy.

With this aim in mind, GIC is the best valued charge point installer for EV company throughout Spain. Our commitment is to advise and take care of each project with both experience and passion.

GIC is characterized by

Experience in the installation of

Charging points with national coverage

Team with extensive qualifications

Experience acquired over the years

Unique Management Software Charging Points with Own Technological Development ETRA I+D

This platform integrates with the main charging managers in the market thanks to the interoperability protocol and with a constant growth of functionalities and users nationwide, guaranteeing the usability of charging points and the supply of renewable energy throughout the network.

Maintenance and management

Of the network of charging points

Hubject's First Partner in Spain

Roaming Platform for Electric Vehicle User access to various charging points

Official Partner

Of leading Charging Point Vendors

Certified Installer

Of leading Electric Vehicules Manufacturers

Nationwide ETRA has a presence, among others, in the following locations:

GIC, with the support of ETRA Group provides a network of operating bases spread across all national territory.